About who we are

Shimmer is a new dating site that lets you rate and review people who you've met through online dating services. Shimmer members can also find ratings and helpful information about a person they are interested in from honest reviews on how the date went by other members. We do not allow slander or revenge reviews of any kind. We are all here to find someone we are compatible with and want to spend our lives with. To be a member of Shimmer, you need to be adult enough to put differences aside if you meet someone and it doesn't work. Give honest reviews but don't be nasty and hurtful. All reviews and ratings will be monitored and manually approved so if anyone is found trying to drag someone through the mud or slander them, the account will be immediately deleted and banned. Shimmer came about because times are changing so rapidly and it seems like every year that goes by, it's harder and harder to find someone who is honest and genuine. With Shimmer, we allow you to fully get to know someone for as long as you like before exchanging any personal information outside the website. We are able to achieve this by allowing our members all aspects of communication instead of just emailing back and fourth like most dating sites out there. Shimmer members are allowed to video chat, voice chat, email and instant message each other for as long as they feel is necessary to be comfortable enough giving another member personal information like phone numbers, email addresses, etc.... Here at Shimmer, we encourage all of our members to put their own safety first and never do ANYTHING that makes you feel uncomfortable and DO NOT send other member's money. Protect yourself, be smart, and hopefully you might run into the love of your life! The Shimmer Team


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